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St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Carib Indians up until the 18th Century prevented any form of European settlement on St Vincent.

Then there came intermarriage between enslaved Africans were either shipwrecked or escaped from Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada and became known as Garifuna or Black Caribs.

1719 saw the French settlers coming in and cultivating coffee, tea, tobacco, cotton, indigo and sugar. In 1763 St. Vincent was ceded to Britain and restored to French Rule in 1779   and then regained by the British in 1783!!

Slavery was abolished in 1834. St Vincent and the Grenadines lies between St Lucia and Grenada.

Its Agricultural product is – Bananas and the industry is mainly tourism.

The Coat of Arms of St Vincent and the Grenadines The Coat of Arms of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is 1910 saw the first use of the Coat of Arms in South Africa but on 27th April 2000 – Freedom Day -  a new Coat of Arms was unveiled.

The Coat of arms of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines bears a Cotton Plant and the Motto reads “Peace and Justice” in Latin.

The centerpiece is a reminder of the colonial badge used from 1907 to 1979 and features 2 women in classical Roman dresses. The woman on the right is holding out a palm branch and the one on the left is kneeling before the yellow alter between them.

Coat of Arms of St Vincent and the Grenadines

Did you know that the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was shot on the Island and helped increase tourism?

The motto in Green – calls for the nation to unite – unite in Diversity. This is extended by the sides with elephant tusks which symbolises wisdom and strength. Within it are two ears of wheat which shows fertility.

It is noted that the shield displays and depicts a strong identity and spiritual defence containing the primary symbol of the Nation.

Above the shield is a cross Knobkierie and Spear  - dual symbols  of defence and authority lying down showing peace and representing also the powerful legs of the secretary bird.

Furthermore, the human figures depicted in an attitude of greeting show a form common humanity and heritage of unity.

The Coat of Arms also shows the Oval Shape of Ascendance with the Protea symbolizing the beauty of the land in the colors green, gold, red and black.

The Secretary Bird symbolizing growth and speed and the Rising Sun an emblem of splendour and the promise of rebirthDid you know that South Africa is usually described as the “Rainbow Nation”?  because of its a culturally diverse nation with 11 main languages?

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